Monday, October 13, 2008

Call for Works: 2009 Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts


Submission Deadline: 11:59pm PST, October 31, 2008 (postmarked)

The University of Minnesota West Bank Arts Quarter, Collaborative Arts Program (COLA), and American Composers Forum are proud to present the 2009 Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts, February 17-22. The festival will be held on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota (USA) and neighboring Minneapolis performing arts venues, and will feature numerous guest artists to be announced.


Music submissions will be accepted in seven categories:

  1. Concert Hall works: Interactive works for acoustic instruments and electroacoustics (performance forces are available, TBA) and electroacoustic works with and without performers. Performance venues will accommodate 2-8 channel works and works with video. Although there is no strict limit of duration, pieces of fifteen minutes or less are strongly encouraged. This year, Spark encourages submissions of works for electronics with one of the following solo instruments: trumpet, tenor (voice), percussion (marimba especially), or violin. Additionally, the Renegade Ensemble, a local ensemble consisting of 2 percussion, 2 piano, clarinet (Bb, bass, etc), mezzo-soprano, cello and flute will perform several works. Other instruments and ensembles are possible. And, as always, bringing one's own performer(s) is highly encouraged. Note: Although some "tape music" will be programmed, Spark generally favors works with live performers or other visual component. Some accepted "tape" works may be choreographed. Please indicate if you do not wish to be considered for this.
  2. Pub/Club works (aka Spark Nightlife): Experimental electronic performances in a "club-style" venue. Performers of various styles will be considered, including those influenced by IDM, hip-hop, glitch, jazz, etc. Selected performers will be given sets of 15-45 minutes. Performance venue will accommodate stereo sound and video. Please note that this venue is literally a pub—It will be a loud place. If your work requires a quiet atmosphere, please submit under the Concert Hall or Ambient Room category.
  3. Ambient Room works (aka Nightlife/Ambient): Experimental electronic performances in a coffeehouse or club lounge venue. Works of any aesthetic approach are welcome, but ought to be "quiet" music. Please note that this venue will be a public establishment, not a concert hall, and thus listeners may converse during performances.
  4. Installations: [See "Art Works" above]
  5. Music with video [See "Art Works" above for general parameters, but also note that this year we ask submitters to specify whether the work is a video piece or a music video piece and these will be judged by separate juries.] Music with Video may also be submitted in either the Nightlife category or Nightlife/Ambient category.
  6. Special Submission Category: "Homemade" instruments showcase. We encourage submission of proposals for short (15 minute) talk/performances to explain and demonstrate custom-made instruments. These presentations will happen in lieu of one or more daytime concerts. If the instrument is an item of clothing or otherwise mobile, please consider submitting under the Spark Fashion category (above).
  7. Guerilla-style works/performances: See #2 in Dance/Theater, above.

For more information, especially about submitting online, see