Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Atlanterium AV Festival

I am pleased to announce an open submission for the inaugural Atlanterium AV Festival which will take place through July, August, and September, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Call for Works:

Composers, coders, videographers, etc. are invited to submit a stereo fixed media audiovisual piece for performance consideration in 10t;4t, a 12 foot mobile projection dome.

Submission deadline:
Midnight, July 1st, 2017 EST

Submission fee:

Registration fee:

A registration fee is required for all persons whose submitted works are accepted. This fee is used to help cover the cost of securing event permits from the city of Atlanta, equipment rental, production costs, and venue expenses. Attendance is not required, but the fee must still be paid to have your work performed.

Submission Requirements:
  1.  Applicants should complete an online submission form available at:
  2.  A Youtube or Vimeo link to a 1920 x 1080 video should be included with the submission form.
Note: submissions do not need to be pre-warped


The Atlanterium AV Festival is an outdoor concert series taking place July through August, 2017 in 4 parks located throughout Atlanta Georgia. Performance’s will take place starting at dusk on each of the performance dates: July 22nd, July 29th, August 12th, August 26th. Locations are still being selected at this time with an updated listed coming to our Facebook page ( a decision has been made.

The outdoor performance space, 10t;4t, is a 12 foot open air mobile projection dome, designed after the projection area of a traditional planetarium. 
The final concert will take place September 16th, 2017 at The Mammal Gallery located in South Downtown Atlanta. This concert will take place in a larger dome designed for the space and will feature works from the previous concerts. The time of the event is TBD.


Questions should be addressed to Eddie Farr at

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Loadbang Announces 2016 Commission Competition

loadbang is pleased to announce their fifth annual call for scores.

Composers must submit:

  • a work of chamber music written 2012 or later, for 2-7 players and/or singers, with or without electronics. It is recommended that the submitted work feature bass clarinet, trombone, trumpet, and/or male voice. Inclusion of a recording is required (MIDI realizations are NOT accepted).
  • CV

Rules and Regulations:

Eligible composers include any citizen OR current resident of the United States.

There is NO FEE for participating in this competition

The deadline for this submission is April 15th, 2016 (received by date, NOT postmark).

The winning composer will receive a prize of $433 and will be commissioned to write a new piece to be performed in New York City by loadbang in Spring 2016.

Questions, correspondence, and submissions should be made electronically to:

Thursday, October 29, 2015



The Stoke Newington Contemporary Music Festival and experimental chamber choir the Vocal Constructivists are jointly issuing a CALL FOR GRAPHIC SCORES to composers, artists, graphic designers - and anyone else who feels creative.

The winning entry will be performed by the Vocal Constructivists in their concert as part of this year’s Festival at St. Mary’s Old Church, Stoke Newington on 5th December. The winner and selected others may also be exhibited at the concert venue on the night.

The Constructivists’ concert takes the centenary of Kazimir Malevich's Eight Red Rectangles as the starting point for a fascinating journey through contemporary Polish scores incorporating graphics and text instructions, tightroping the intersection of a cappella vocal performance and live art.

Scores might or might not respond to this context, but we welcome a variety of approaches to the graphic score medium. Send scanned or photographed scores to

Deadline: Sunday 1st November 2015.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Community College Student Opportunity

The Jack Stone Award for New Music will be awarded to one student who is currently enrolled full time at a community college within the United States. No age or citizenship restrictions apply. The recipient will receive $150, the second place winner will receive $100, and the runner up will receive $50. In addition, all three selected composers, if they are coming from within the contiguous United States, will be flown to San Antonio, TX to attend a performance of their pieces by a professional ensemble featuring oboist Amari Pepper Barash in the Palmetto Center for the Arts on the Northwest Vista College campus and to receive their awards in person.

Pieces must be less than 10 minutes in duration and may be for oboe, or oboe with cello and/or percussion. The percussion instruments available include marimba, xylophone, timpani, drum kit, hand percussion, and snare drum.

Submissions must be received by March 4, 2013 (note: this is not a postmark deadline) and must include a legible score and parts, a short bio, and proof of enrollment. Recordings (including MIDI realizations) are strongly recommended. Submissions may be sent via mail to the address below or may be sent in PDF format to the following email:

Beth May

Northwest Vista College

3535 N. Ellison Dr.

San Antonio, TX 78201

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Collegium Musicum

The professional summer program emerging composers Collegium Musicum offers to a small number of selected composers from around the world the opportunity to have their works rehearsed and performed by a professional orchestra, the Levon Manukyan Collegium Musicum. The composers will engage in a week of intensive workshops and conferences – live, and streamed online, – form professional connections and network with colleagues from the arts industry. At the end of the internship some participants will be offered a publication contract with the International Research and Information Centre Thracica.

The program targets specifically composers at the beginning of their professional career. It will take place between June 10 and June 18, 2013 in Bourgas, Bulgaria and will involve active participants and auditors (who will not have works performed). The application deadline is October 8, 2012. The event and the names of all participants will be heavily publicized in local and international media. The main working language will be English.

To read more, and to apply, please, visit


Associazione Culturale TKE is calling for pieces to be performed at the “Risuonanze 2013” Festival
(early June, 2013, Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy).

The Call is open to composers of any nationality and age

Pieces should be written for solo piano, or solo flute [C Flute, and/or Piccolo, and/or G Alto flute,
one only player], or solo voice [mezzo-soprano, range: F3 to F5 (piano dynamics) or Ab5 (forte
dynamics)], or solo oboe, and should not have been premiered in public performances before the

Works of any aesthetic and stylistic direction from 2 to 6 minutes in duration may be submitted.

15 Euros must be payed via bank transfer or PayPal as a donation for contribution to costs; each
composer has the right to send up to 3 different works.

Festival “Risuonanze” is based on the direct relationship between composers and audience, so
composers attending the performances are much appreciated. Attending the concert is
considered as an advantage in the selection. In that case, there is no refund for travel and
lodging fees.

Associazione Culturale TKE may select one or more pieces in each category; it may decide not to

Submission deadline: March 1st, 2013

For any further information, please visit:
or email:

NCP x SS: Call for Scores for Symphony Space's Music of Now

The Nouveau Classical Project (NCP) is holding their first call for scores! The ensemble will perform selected scores at Symphony Space's "The Music of Now Marathon" on Saturday, Feb 2, 2013.

Up to 3 composers will be chosen by NCP and Symphony Space's Artistic Director Laura Kaminsky. Composers may apply via our online application:


  • Eligibility: Composers who are in the emerging stage of their career may apply. Selected composers must be available to attend the Music of Now concert at Symphony Space on Feb 2, 2013.
  • Score requirements: Pieces of a 4-8 minute duration. Instrumentation for any combination of at least 3 of the following instruments: flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, soprano (1 on each part). One additional instrument that is not mentioned here is allowed (e.g. drum set, viola, sax, etc.). The score must be submitted as a PDF.
  • Honorarium/Performance: Selected composer(s) will receive a $100 honorarium from Symphony Space, a performance of their piece at the Music of Now concert (part of the Composers Now Festival) by NCP on Feb 2, 2013, and a featured interview with WQXR's Terrance McKnight at the event.
  • Deadline: November 13, 2012 at 11:59 pm (GMT -5)
  • How to apply:

    -Fill out this form, where you can also upload the PDF of your score: A recording of a past performance of the work is recommended but not required.

Selected composers will be announced by December 3, 2012. Questions may be addressed to


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

IC2013 Call-for-Scores

Applications to the IC2013 Call-for-Scores may now be submitted via e-mail!

A CV, along with scores AND parts of up to three chamber works should be sent as PDF files. Works should be approximately ten minutes in duration for up to five performers drawn from the following instrumentation: clarinet, string quartet, double bass, and piano.

Recordings (if available) of submitted works should be sent as MP3 files.

All files should be sent in one e-mail (30MB limit) to: by Friday 5 October, 2012.


  • Label the subject of the e-mail as:
    IC2013 Call for Scores – Last name, First Name

  • Label CV PDF file as: last name.first name.CV.pdf
  • Label score PDF file names: last name.first title.pdf
  • Label parts PDF files as: last name.first title.part name.pdf
  • Label recording MP3 file names: last name.first title.mp3

If submissions exceed 30MB in size, please send files as separate e-mails. Please remember to label the subject of all e-mails as above.

For more information please visit:

Leeds International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition


Leeds International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition

Thursday & Friday 13TH- 14TH DECEMBER 2012

The International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition takes place at Leeds College of Music from Thursday 13th to Friday 14th December 2012. iFIMPaC is an annual event focusing on practice related innovations in Music Production and Composition. The event sees its 5th year in association with the Journal for Music, Technology and Education (JMTE). iFIMPaC creates a unique environment for composers, producers, music industry representatives, academics, educators and students to discuss their compositional, pedagogical and production work as practice-led research.

Works under 12 minutes in stereo or multichannel formats will be considered.

The following are welcome:

  • acousmatic Music (stereo or multichannel)
  • multimedia pieces
  • solo instrument and fixed medium*
  • solo instrument and live electronics*
  • laptop improvisation/live coding
  • club music (electronic music influenced by pop, IDM and electronica)
  • demonstrations of unique interfaces
  • composition and paper
  • other (we are happy to consider music that doesn’t fall into the above categories and may be wholly acoustic so long as the submitted piece presents new insights into music composition)

* We may be able to supply solo performers in some instances, but you should consider acquiring your own performers as iFIMPaC’s budget is small. Please see the web link for further information (information will be posted soon).


Successful applicants must register and pay a delegate fee in order to be programmed.

If your submission is successful, and is acousmatic, but you cannot attend, you will still need to register. You may have a nominee to diffuse your work.


The deadline for the submission of proposals is 15th October 2012.

Call details can be found here:

Composers Voice Dance Collaboration

CALL FOR NEW MUSIC WORKS - Composer's Voice Dance Collaboration

Erin Bomboy, a dance choreographer, seeks music for a new dance piece.
Inspired by the book, The Wisdom of Crowds, she plans to use the audience as
the final arbiter for the music selection. Works should be recorded for
stereo playback between 4:30 to 5:00 minutes in length and submitted as MP3
audio files.

Deadline: Monday, October 19th 2012

First Prize Award: $250 commission and premier premiere as part of Movement
Research's Open Performance series on January 23rd at 8PM

Honorary Prize: a NYC premier performance with dance at Composer's Voice
concert series November 18th at 1PM

The process will unfold in three parts.


Composers may submit 4:30 to 5:00 minutes of material using the parameters
and general outline listed below.


5 semifinalist compositions will be selected. They will premiere in live
performance at Composer's Voice on Sunday, November 18th at 1PM featuring
Bomboy's choreography. The movements of the dance will not be altered
although speed, movement quality, and performance quality may change based
on the dancers' response to the music. Videos of the piece will be made
available to the public. Interested parties may vote for their favorite
music/dance combination.


The composer who obtains the most votes wins the commission to finish the
piece (another 4-5minutes) and a $250 PRIZE! The full piece will premiere as
part of Movement Research's Open Performance series on January 23rd at 8PM.


The piece will involve two female dancers exploring the idea of a parallel
universe. The dancers will confront the ramifications of encountering your
personal duplicate. The performances will perform in pointe shoes but not
dancing in a balletic style.

You can see a link of Bomboy's choreography here:


  • :00 -:45= short bursts of sound punctuated by silence

  • :46 - 1:30 = sounds becoming more cohesive and organized

  • 1:31 - 2:20 = sounds develop into a cohesive melody, a pulsing rhythm begins
    at some point

  • 2:21 - 3:20 = melody becomes more unsettling and the rhythm intensifies

  • 3:21 - 4:10 = short bursts of sound and silence interspersed with a driving

  • 4:10 - 4:45 = Frenetic build up that stops short of a climax

All times are approximations.

A consistent time signature is requested. For example works that start in 6/8 should stay in 6/8 and not change to 4/4 during the piece. Tempo is the composer's choice.

Please submit all works to by Monday, October 19th 2012

Monday, October 31, 2011

Ex Stabilimento Florio della Tonnare di Favignana e Formica Favignana Island Italy

Call for Proposals - Sound Installations in
Ex Stabilimento Florio della Tonnare di Favignana e Formica
Favignana Island Italy

AntiTesi in collaboration with the Superintendence for Cultural and
Environmental Heritage of Trapani,, is announcing a Call for Proposals for
Sound installations to present at Ex Stabilimento Florio delle Tonnare di
Favignana e Formica in Favignana island.
This call is connected to the Eighth edition of the Live!IXem festivals of
music, sound and electronic arts.
The aim is to highlight the works of those artists who, involved in an
experimental and creative exploration, use sound, integrating it with
electronic audio-visual and digital design for Art installations in specific
Another aim is to witness the new aesthetic in contemporary art through a new
way to conceive and carry out works within (or outside) of architectural
In this regard, the spaces that will host this could not be more appropriate:
the former Florio Tuna factory on the island of Favignana in Sicily, the
largest of the Mediterranean, which takes its name from a family of
entrepreneurs that at the beginning of the twentieth century was the great
protagonist in Sicily, the Belle Epoque. The ancient structure located in the
largest of the Egadi islands, were obtained after the recent restoration of
museum space, a conference room with 400 seats and a guest room.

To make this call even stronger there will be a collaboration between
Live!iXem and OpenSound a platform that brings together seven European
partners to create a project for cooperation and exchange that puts the sound
in the middle of a series of outreach and artistic initiatives.

Open Sound is in fact a Grundtvig project for mobility and partnership in the
training supported by the EU through through the agency LLP - Life Long
Learning Programme. Thanks to this partnership, Sicily will be the first venue
where the festival will converge with some of the major representatives linked
to the European art scene and musical sound research. During the festival,
workshops will be conducted by some of the guest artists (the access to
workshops is free of charge): this will contribute to become familiar with the
locations of the former Florio Tuna factory on the island of Favignana.


We encourage proposals for site specific Sound Installations that will have to
be set up in one of the locations of the Ex Stabilimento Florio della Tonnare
di Favignana e Formica in Favignana Island Italy.
Subscription and participation to the call are free of charge.
It will be necessary to explore the locations through specific preparatory
visits during Live!iXem Festival 2011, from 8 to 11 december 2011.

Suggested topics for presentations include, but are not limited to:

Best practices in Sound and architecture
Techniques used for Sound/Art Installation
Sound and environment/Sound ecology
Site specific
Software & network management
History & aesthetic theory of Sound Art/Installation
Teaching & pedagogical strategies
Hardware (audio, interface, computers, loudspeakers)
Software environments & frameworks
Artists/Composers’ perspectives on their own works

For more information and instructions for submissions, please refer to the
website, .
Email contact:
The deadline for submission is February 26, 2012, but preliminary and
preparatory visits will take place btw 8-11 dec 2011.