Saturday, May 24, 2003

CALL FOR SONIC SUBMISSIONS *** While DIAGRAM continues to read regular submissions, we are looking for sonic work for an upcoming issue. In the fall of 2003, DIAGRAM will publish a special edition devoted to the intersection of text and sound. This is a call for artists/musicians/writers working in sound to submit sound art for consideration. Submissions must be received by Sep 1, 2003

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

To: Bay Area New Music Events Subject: NORCAL NOISEFEST 2003 seeks performers Super Art Media is happy to announce that NORCAL NOISEFEST 2003 will take place the first weekend of October 2003 (October 3-5) in Sacramento, California. The Noisefest is a weekend-long gathering of experimental/noise type performers and enthusiasts--it began in 1995 and has expanded gradually over the years. We seek performers outside the usual range of popular music but are open to all sorts of unusual sounds. A typical Noisefest consists of about 30 performers, roughly ten performances per day. The Noisefest also releases an annual compilation CD and performers are invited to submit a track for inclusion on the CD. The Fest is also a unique temporary community of people interested in strange musics. We are seeking performers for the Noisefest. If you are interested in performing, you can apply by completing a submission at the webpage below, AND by sending us some audio to listen to. Web page: or (if the above isn't working) (note: this is the old NF02 site, but the submission process will work the same.) Send audio materials to: NORCAL NOISEFEST PO Box 163688 Sacramento, CA 95816-3688 We MUST have some sort of recording. It can be anything, even a cheesy dubbed cassette. No web-based audio, MP3's, "check out my web page", etc., will be accepted. Entries must be received no later than June 30. Also--if you are interested in receiving updates about the Noisefest and other Sacramento experimental-music events, please email me directly and ask to be placed on the events list. Thanks!
Announcing The Electric Rainbow Coalition: A Festival of Electro-Acoustic Music We will be presenting 24 hours of the most diverse selection of electro-acoustic music we can find. Two 12 hour concerts will be presented at Dartmouth College on Friday and Saturday, August 22nd and 23rd. Please send works for consideration by July 1, 2003. Works may be proposed through the following link: There is no fee to submit music or to attend the festival. Musicians whose work is selected will be strongly encouraged to attend. In the event that we need to make editorial programming decisions, we will favor those who will be present at the festival. For more information, please contact Eric Lyon at