Monday, December 07, 2009

Process Festival Call for Proposals

PROCESS Festival Berlin is now accepting proposals for performances and new-media work, to be shown at our 2 day festival in mid-March 2010.

The Festival seeks to highlight new and compelling work in the field of generative or process music - focusing on sound pieces which are inspired by or emulate algorithms, biology, or other defined systems.

From scores generated from nature (Mamoru Fujieda's "Patterns of Plants") or mathematics (John Cage's "Sonatas and Interludes"), to interactives which allow users to create music (Brian Eno's Bloom for iPhone) or a system as simple as 2 tape recorders ("It's Gonna Rain" by Steve Reich), this space has enjoyed a compelling history.

As well as the traditional execution of code outputting music, we're also interested in projects which expand the definition or approach to this field. This could, for example, including hardware-based projects like custom instruments, more lo-fi, organic systems, or hybrids such as a string quartet playing a generative score.

Web-based new-media projects will be shown onsite via a Macbook with wireless connection, as well as linked via the festival website. Performances should be between 20 and 40 minutes long, to allow a diverse selection of pieces over the festival period.

We're unable to offer artist compensation or provide travel costs to the event, although composers outside of the Berlin area are encouraged to partner with local artists to perform works. Please contact us if you're interested in this avenue.

Please e-mail us with your name, short bio, contact details, type of work and a description of your project.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The ALEA III International Composition Prize

Theodore Antoniou, Music Director

2010 Twenty-Eighth Annual Competition

The ALEA III Prize: $2,500

Deadline: March 15, 2010

Composers of any nationality born after January 1, 1970 may participate.

Only one composition per composer is permitted.

No entry fee.

Works of any aesthetic direction from 6 - 15 minutes in duration may be submitted. Works may be for solo voice or instrument or for an ensemble up to fifteen players. Available instruments are: one flute (doubling piccolo or alto), one oboe (doubling English horn), one clarinet (doubling bass clarinet), one bassoon, one horn, one trumpet, one trombone, one tuba, two percussion players, one harp, one keyboard player, one guitar, two violins, one viola, one cello, one bass, tape and one voice.

One of the fifteen performers could play a traditional, folk, or rare instrument (solo or as a part of the ensemble), or could be an unusual specialized vocalist. Contact for more information

One work per composer. All works must be unpublished and must not have been publicly performed or broadcast in whole or in part or in any other version before the announcement of the Prize in late September, or early October 2010. Works that have won another award are not eligible.

Anonymous entry.

6 - 9 works will be selected for performance in Boston by ALEA III under the direction of Theodore Antoniou in late September, or early October 2010. At the end of the concert one piece will be selected to receive the $2,500.00 ALEA III prize. The judges reserve the right to divide the award money or to decline to make an award.

The judges will be prominent personalities residing or working in the Boston area. The panel, consisting of composers, performers, conductors, musicologists and educators, aims for a balance among a variety of musical approaches. For information and application form please check the ALEA III web site:

or email to Alex Kalogeras

Application Form must accompany the score at the time of submission.

Cadillac Moon Ensemble "On the Road"

CALL FOR SCORES: Cadillac Moon Ensemble "On the Road"

Cadillac Moon Ensemble announces a call for scores for its upcoming season.

With its unique instrumentation of flute, violin, cello, and percussion, Cadillac Moon Ensemble is redefining a "quartet" of the traditional sense while maintaining the artistry of chamber music within the new music realm. CME is dedicated to premiering new works which explore the roles quartet members as well as extended techniques and innovative ideas in composition.

If selected, we will perform your piece in New York City in our 2010/2011 season.

Instrumentation: the concept of this call is for a New York-based ensemble traveling on the road, or even to a concert on the subway. We are looking for pieces for flute, violin, cello, and suitcase percussion.

All percussion instruments must fit into a suitcase. A list of instruments is as follows: two egg shakers, one 14" cymbal, two bongos, three cowbells, three wood blocks, one tambourine, one triangle, pair of claves.

*additional small instruments can be added to the percussion setup but must be the size of a hand or smaller. For approval on extra instruments contact

Timing: No shorter than six minutes, no longer than 30 minutes.

Please send a proposal including piece concept, length, percussion instrument list, and composer bio by January 15, 2010 to If selected, your scores and parts will be due by March 15 in hard copy format.

We will announce our selections by January 22 on our website, and everyone who submits entries will be notified individually.

For questions regarding this call, write to us at, with "Suitcase Call" as the subject heading.