Monday, March 15, 2010

Utrechts Blazers Ensemble Call for Scores

The Utrecht Wind Ensemble ("Utrechts Blazers Ensemble") issues a Call for Scores. The UBE focuses on playing modern classical music and therefore finds itself in a unique place among Dutch student ensembles. Even though this niche is not always appreciated by the large public, the members are not afraid to choose for challenging and original programmes. The UBE considers it important that new music has a place in Dutch (and student) musical culture. With this Call for Scores we would like to gain access to a new musical reservoir and play works of the next generation of composers.

Composers are invited to submit works for wind ensemble (with or without piano). Selected pieces will be performed by the UBE during two concerts in January 2011. Submission deadline: 1st of June, 2010.

For more information, please visit:

Destellos Competition 2010

The Foundation Destellos , call for works for the Third Competition of Electro-acoustic Composition, open to composers and artists of any nationality, up to 50.

The objectives of this competition are the promotion and development of the artistic creation in relation with new technologies. Likewise, it is an intention of the Foundation Destellos to stimulate the creativity of the young generations of artists and to provide to them new routes of diffusion of their works.

The first prize will be attributed by Destellos and will consist of 500 American dollars and a residence of study of Mar del Plata (Argentina).

  The second two prizes, consisting of paths collections of CD of electroacoustic music, will be granted for:

  • The organization Akusma<Motus , of France
  • The foundation Phonos of Barcelona, Spain.

The institutions participants will offer likewise the diffusion of the winning works, across concerts and festivals.


1. Composers and artists of any nationality up to 5O. No entry fees.

2. Will be accepted stereophonic works of electro-acoustic music up to 11' duration.

3. Will be accepted works of electro-acoustic music with video, up to 6' duration. The work must follow an abstract esthetics and to be interrelated in musical and visual languages, either in their technical and esthetical characteristics. In case of works in collaboration the prize will be considered ex-æquo and the authors will have to determine a representative to receive it.

4. Are excluded pieces using instruments, live electronics and improvisations.

5. Each candidate can send only one work, not been edited or prized before.

6. The participants will have to register before, sending for e-mail the attached form due completed by computer. Manuscript forms will not be accepted.

Submission form

To send as attached document to:

7. Each candidate will receive an e-mail of confirmation and a Code of inscription.

8. The materials must be sent by post with the only mention, on all the supports, of : the title of the work and the Number of Code assigned by e-mail.

9. Admitted supports: DVD and CD: The works with video must be sent in format QuickTime without compression (.mov), the electroacoustic works in CD audio.

10. The works will not be returned and will be conserved in the archives of the Foundation.

11. Prize winners of Destellos Competition 2009 cannot participate, neither members of the jury and their families.

12. The works must be send before 30 April 2010 (postmarked) by ORDINARY MAIL, with mention "For educational use, no commercial value", to:

            Dr. Elsa Justel

            Fundación Destellos

            Rodriguez Penia 1226

            7600 Mar del Plata


13. The jury will be integrated by members of recognized international prestige.

14. The jury has the right to declare the prize deserted and give one or more mentions, also to design an "ex-æquo" prize to works of the same quality level. Jury's decision is unquestionable and definitive and will be published on August 30 th , 2010.

15. The foundation has the right to postdate, to annul or to modify the rules of the competition at any moment. All changes will be published at the time.

16. Candidates are asked to accept all the conditions of these regulations.

17. The prizewinners are engaged to write the mention "Prix Destellos 2010" in all concert programs including the work. The authors must inform the Foundation of the public presentations of the prized work.

The candidates can ask for the submission forms by email:

More info: