Sunday, August 10, 2008

New York Miniaturist Ensemble

The New York Miniaturist Ensemble is always seeking new works to perform. The Ensemble is dedicated to music composed of 100 notes or fewer.

INSTRUMENTATION: The core ensemble consists of violin, piano, cello, and clarinet (b-flat or bass). Solos and duos are welcome and encouraged.

DEADLINE: No deadline.

CEMVA 2008 2nd. Electroacoustic Contest 2008

The works submitted shall be recorded electroacoustic pieces, composed in studio, projected by loudspeakers in concert with the intervention of no live sound sources. They may include a maximum of eight channels and should have duration of between 07 and 20 minutes. The competition is open to composers of any nationality, aged no more than 40 years on 31/12/2008, each of whom may submit only one work: which must not have been commercially published or awarded a prize in any national or international competition.

The entries shall be sent in stereo version (support: CD), as well as a copy of the original multi-channel version in the case of works with more than two channels (in this case the works shall submitted only in CD-R/DVD-R with the audio files corresponding to each of the channels: SDII, AIFF or WAV format.

The works entered shall be identified only by their titles, on pain of disqualification, and shall be sent until 30 September 2008 (by registered mail, the date being determined by the post mark). Entrants shall attach to each copy of their composition a closed envelope, bearing only the title of the composition, and containing the details required to identify the composer with a proof of nationality and age, together with contact information, also send a short biography, a brief description of the work and digital picture of composer: JPEG or TIF formats. Is important shall be sent this rules agreement printed and signalled by the proponent. The materials submitted, as entries to the competition shall kept in Conservatory Library tutored by the Contest sponsors.

Follow the important dates on II International Electroacoustic Contest - 2008:

30 September: Deadline for the sending works to the Contest

10 October: Names of juries spreading

10 October - 31: Judgement

05-06 November: Finalists and Prizes Concert at Mestrinho Theatro - (Praça Champagnat, 68 - Varginha, Mianas Gerais)

The works shall be sent to:

II Concurso Internacional de Composição Eletroacústica 2008 - CEMVA
Praça João Pessoa 137, Centro
Minas Gerais
Brasil 37014-200.

Revolutionary Sound - call for soundworks

Radio Papesse, in collaboration with the Festival della Creatività (Florence, Italy) - is inviting radio producers, composers and sound geeks to submit compositions and soundworks on the theme of revolution and its sonic dimension. Which is the sound of revolution?

Revolutionary Sound is part of FreeQuency, a special project within the Festival della Creatività, dedicated to those radios that have played a key role as tools of community strangle and communication in conflicts and revolutions. An exhibit within the festival as well as a meeting point for the debate.

Revolutionary Sound invites to reflect on those movements and people who have fueled winds of change in political, economical, social, cultural, musical and religious contests. We will prioritise narrative, inedited works that use archival materials. The pieces we will love the most will be selected and publicly broadcasted on Radio Papesse and at the exhibit venue during the days of the Festival. They will also enter into the Radio Papesse sound archive. The winner of the contest will also partecipate in the panel, organized by Radio Papesse, on sound archives and their use and re-use in sound art and radioart.

The selected works will be published under Creative Commons License .

1. Pieces should be submitted as Mp3 audio files via the Radio Papesse dropbox.
2. Multiple works may be submitted, however, each work must be accompanied by an info document (DOC, PDF, TXT) with a short biography and program notes;
3. Deadline: 6 October 2008

For further information write to:


Grants from $500 to $2,000 are made to performers to play a work at least three times during an 18-month period. Awards support rehearsal and performance costs, so that performers may connect with a composer whose work they have not previously performed. Grant amounts vary according to the duration, difficulty of the work, and the number of performances proposed. As a rough guide, a soloist may receive $500-$1,000, a chamber group (3-8 performers) $1,000-$1,500, and a larger ensemble $1,500-$2,000.

Who may Apply

Performers and composers apply jointly.

Composer/Performer Collaborator Database

ACF has compiled lists of composers and performers who have expressed interest in the Encore program; however performers and composers are not required to appear on these lists in order to be eligible. To access the list, visit Encore Connection.

Vox Opera Call

The next postmark deadline is September 1, 2008

All entries will be reviewed carefully by a panel comprised of opera professionals and members of City Opera’s artistic and production staff.

All members of the jury make recommendations based on the following criteria:

  • The work defines itself as an opera with music and words serving a theatrical purpose.
  • Score and libretto are stage-worthy and crafted with dramatic savvy.
  • Submitted material shows technical skill in composition for vocal writing and instrumental ensemble.
  • The creators have a unique voice with the potential to enrich the operatic literature.
  • The topic and subject matter of the opera are exceptional, relevant, and well suited to a music-theater form.
  • The composer/librettist team will benefit from hearing their work with a full orchestra and soloists.
  • The material is performable based on the resources available to the project.
  • The work contributes to a wider diversity of styles and perspectives sought out for the festival as a whole.

All entries will also have to meet the following eligibility:

  • The competition is open only to composers who are US citizens or composers currently living in America with plans to stay in the country on a long-term basis (proof required).
  • The work may not have had a professional stage premiere; if a stage premiere is anticipated, it must be scheduled for after the VOX workshop dates.
  • Works of all ensemble sizes will be considered but should not exceed the size of the New York City Opera orchestra (listed below). Instrumental requirements beyond the forces listed below may be considered but not guaranteed.
  • Traditional and non-traditional operatic forms and musical styles are welcome.

City Opera Orchestra

The maximum ensemble size usually available for VOX is:
Strings: 10/8/6/5/4
Woodwinds: 3/3/3/3
Brass: 4/3/3/1
Timpani, 2 Percussion, Harp, Piano, Celesta

Additional and non-traditional instruments required for specific excerpts will be considered but not guaranteed. These numbers are intended as guidance in considering a work’s suitability for VOX; this is not a guarantee of what will be available for this year’s festival.