Wednesday, May 07, 2003

To: Bay Area New Music Events Subject: NORCAL NOISEFEST 2003 seeks performers Super Art Media is happy to announce that NORCAL NOISEFEST 2003 will take place the first weekend of October 2003 (October 3-5) in Sacramento, California. The Noisefest is a weekend-long gathering of experimental/noise type performers and enthusiasts--it began in 1995 and has expanded gradually over the years. We seek performers outside the usual range of popular music but are open to all sorts of unusual sounds. A typical Noisefest consists of about 30 performers, roughly ten performances per day. The Noisefest also releases an annual compilation CD and performers are invited to submit a track for inclusion on the CD. The Fest is also a unique temporary community of people interested in strange musics. We are seeking performers for the Noisefest. If you are interested in performing, you can apply by completing a submission at the webpage below, AND by sending us some audio to listen to. Web page: or (if the above isn't working) (note: this is the old NF02 site, but the submission process will work the same.) Send audio materials to: NORCAL NOISEFEST PO Box 163688 Sacramento, CA 95816-3688 We MUST have some sort of recording. It can be anything, even a cheesy dubbed cassette. No web-based audio, MP3's, "check out my web page", etc., will be accepted. Entries must be received no later than June 30. Also--if you are interested in receiving updates about the Noisefest and other Sacramento experimental-music events, please email me directly and ask to be placed on the events list. Thanks!