Thursday, November 02, 2017

Call for works: 'Animated Scores' for string quartet.

Craig Vear ( ) and the Ligeti Quartet ( ) are seeking digital scoring systems that might be described as 'animated' for workshop and performance in the UK, early 2018.

Animated scores are primarily visual-based scoring systems that shift/mutate/change/adapt/generate/co-operate through time. The scoring language might include instructions, symbols, graphics, images that are pre-recorded or are generated in real-time. Above all, they invite the musician into a co-operative relationship through the flow of music performance.


DEADLINE 1st December 2017

    The Living Score project investigates how digital technology is transforming the music score: from animated and graphical scores, to mixed-media, and networks of distributed code; from artificial intelligence (AI), thinking machines and hacked-bodies, there is a broad wealth of innovation offered to musicians through these systems. 
    The Living Score is a pilot investigation into the theoretical and philosophical implications in the co-operative relationship between musician and digital score. Further, it seeks to understand the shifting nature of creativity these systems offer musicians: performers and composers. 
    This project is funded by Leverhulme/ British Academy small grant. We can not guarantee that we can support all submissions. There are no funds to cover any associated costs beyond the technical support and resources at DMU and the involvement of Ligeti Quartet.