Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Call for works Festival Futura 2008

For year 2008, the Futura festival is in search of sound works on support of a minimum length of 20 minutes: indeed Futura wishes to cause the creation of medium-length and full-length acousmatic forms and thus to support the forms ambitious, rich, taking the time of their développement. We would like to propose an alternative to the present tendency that is to push the composers to make short musics.

The festival will take place in August, 2008 in Crest (Drôme, France) and The submission : - Only sonic works on tape medium should be submitted (acousmatic, concret, radiophonic art...). Please do not send proposals for live electronics or performances. - Preference is given to stereophonic musics. - Works with a video projection are also encouraged. - Deadline for reception of works on CD Audio only or DVD (for videos) before february 25, 2008 (post-marked ) to the following address :  Futura, 62, avenue de Flandre F-75019 Paris, France. - Fill necessarily the form put following this message and send it by email: info@festivalfutura.fr - Also send by email a program note about the submitted work (20 lines max), a short biography and a  picture (.tiff or .jpg) to info@festivalfutura.fr

------------------------------------- Formulaire Futura 2008 / Form Futura 2008     Nom/Last Name :     Prénom/First Name :     Date de naissance/Date of birth :     Nationalité/Nationality :               Adresse/Address          Téléphone/Phone number     Email/Email : Site Internet/Web site :    

Biographie (10 - 12 lignes)/Biography (10-12 lines) : Titre de la l'¦uvre/Title of work :                         Durée/Duration :                        Studio et année de composition/Studio and year of composition : Lieu et date de la création /Place and date of the creation : Notice (10 - 12 lignes)/Programme Notes (10-12 Lines) :

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