Saturday, October 10, 2009

Futura 2010 Call for works

For its 2010 edition, the Futura festival is looking for fixed media works (acousmatic music, musique concrète, video art, hörspiel, etc.) around the ‘travel diary’ thematic.

The sent works may be ‘real’ diaries, elaborated with sound takes and/or recognizable images, but these diaries may also be ‘abstract’, without any identifiable sounds, concentrating only on remaining traces, impressions. The works evolving between these two poles are also, indeed, welcome.

It is all about drawing a large and original view of the ‘travel diary’, which is not only a journey in a geographical space, but rather the expression of an experience or a view on the surrounding world. As such, it is not absolutely necessary to have crossed back and forth the whole planet to submit a proposal, obviously travels are also metaphoric. It can be expressed through very diverse aesthetics and forms.

Nonetheless, we are not looking for ‘raw’, ‘objective’ soundscapes or field-recordings. To the contrary, we would like to program subjective works, and place at the centre of this thematic the perception of the traveller-composer-artist.

The submissions:

- The limited number of submissions is 2 works by composer, excepting works with video which amount is not limited.

- Only sonic works on tape medium should be submitted (acousmatic/concrète, radiophonic art…). Please do not send proposals for live electronics or performances.

- Preference is given to stereophonic music (multiphonic works may be accepted, but always if a stereo mix is provided for the selection process).

- Works including video are also encouraged.

-Deadline for the reception of works on CD Audio only (no cd-r or DVD-Audio) or DVD (for videos) is fixed before January 31 2010 (post-marked). At the following address: Futura, 62, avenue de Flandre F-75019 Paris, France.

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