Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brass Initiative 2011 Composition Contest

We are looking for programmatic diversity and need new compositions in any style. The biggest criteria we will listen for in these submissions are melodic and commercial appeal. It can be intense, joyful, angry, mysterious - whatever you like. Please keep in mind that one of our primary goals is listener entertainment. There are some additional criteria:

  1. Work must be a stand alone piece approximately 2-7 minutes in length or a multiple movement work approximately 5-10 minutes long.
  2. Scored for horn, trombone, bass trombone, and two trumpets keyed in Bb or C. Eb and piccolo trumpet may also be employed as well as flugel horns. (Tuba may not be used unless pertaining to 2a below.)
    1. Works written for ensembles larger than quintet will also be considered.
    2. Works written for ensembles smaller than quintet will not be considered.
    3. The addition of a rhythm section, (drums, bass, piano, guitar, or any part of that group would be a welcome addition.)
  3. Works must be submitted no later than April 15th, 2011.
  4. All works must be submitted digitally. Please do not mail hard copies unless requested. Please submit all works to submissions@brassinitiative.com
  5. Submissions must include, in PDF form, a score, individual parts, and a midi or audio recording of the work.
  6. In the email of the submission include the following:
    1. Composer Name:
    2. Email Address:
    3. Phone Number:
    4. Mailing Address:
    5. Composition Name:
    6. Number of Movements:
    7. Composition Length:
    8. Copyright Information:
    9. Instrumentation:
    10. A short description that can be used as a program note:
  7. Works must not be previously published or you, the composer, must be the sole copyright holder of the work.
  8. The work cannot be previously released as a commercial recording.

Works selected for the project will be recorded in summer 2011 and released as an album in the winter of 2011/12. In lieu of commission fees, the composers of selected works will receive a portion of download sales once annually for three years after the release of the album. For this reason, please keep in mind the commercial appeal of the work. As an additional incentive, composers of selected works will have the option of having their piece(s) published and sold as part of the Brass Initiative Editions with a generous royalty rate for sheet music sales included.

Composers may submit multiple works.

For additional submission questions please contact us at info@brassinitiative.com or submissions@brassinitiative.com.