Thursday, June 16, 2011

a very small consortium

Receipt Deadline: August 1, 2011


The newly renamed ensemble “a very small consortium” (previously known as the Chicago Miniaturist Ensemble, then “An Evening of Miniatures” at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay) seeks miniature compositions for performance during the 2011-2012 concert season. Our first concert will be Saturday, September 24th at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

All submitted works must be "miniatures." A work may qualify as a miniature in one of three ways:

the piece consists of 100 or fewer notes (with the definition of “a note” left to the discretion of the composer);

the piece is 60 seconds or less in duration;

the work is obviously based on a very limited amount of material (i.e., drones, small pitch collections, a single motif). Please keep our mantra “we do more with less” in mind if selecting this option.

We seek works that utilize the following forces in any combination or as soloists:

  • Soprano voice (1)
  • Mezzo-soprano voice (1)
  • Baritone voice (1)
  • B-flat clarinet (1)
  • Alto saxophone (1)
  • Trumpet (1)
  • Horn (1)
  • Trombone (1)
  • Viola (1)
  • Cello (1)
  • Piano (1)
  • Percussion (1) – (available instruments: all standard orchestral percussion, 4-1/3 octave marimba, vibraphone)

Submissions are accepted via email only. Please send scores (and parts, if necessary) in PDF format to the email address below. MP3 recordings are welcome but not necessary. Please also include composer contact information, a very small biography and very small program notes. Scores must be received by Monday, August 1, 2011 to be considered for the first concert. Scores arriving after this deadline will be retained for future consideration.