Friday, January 07, 2005

call for anti war/anti bush music & anti bush anti war art wendy collin sorin and i are in early stages of a film inspired by the poem 'strange things begin to happen when a meteor crashes in the arizona desert'by michael basinski. the film will be a surreal take on the whole bush/iraq thing. in my previous film 'jesus and her gospel of yes' we utilized art from numerous artists within the film. so would like to make a call for anti war art and music to use in this project. collages,photography,visual poetry all welcome (keep in mind its a surrealist film). most of the art already submitted has been pre exisiting art and thats what were mostly looking for. of course we're also looking for the right music, which may fit any of the following key word: punk/avant/outsider/fringe/fusion/acid/freejazz/atonal/minimal/ surreal/electronic/ambient/collage. this can be 'literal' anti war music or we're also looking for the right music which might be somewhat 'free jazz' mixed with surreal western type music. can we pay? hell no. this will be done on a miniscule budget. but, we will credit all artists whose work we use in the film and after film is completed will put up a website with all the artwork and artist contacts on the site and may work on a soundtrack for the film as well. we did the same thing in our first film and in the credits we named all visual artists and showed one sample of their work next to their name, as well as crediting the musicians. now, we may not use all the work sent us, but we will certainly try to. too i think it an important way to voice the sentiment. IF everything goes ok we hope to start shooting in july. so,would like to start getting in the anti war art and music well before then, of course (and we need both visual art and music well before then so we can start story boarding around the art and plan on what music to use in what scenes. if interested contact me via email : eaker40b04@y... or through mine and wendy's group: or check out the art in our first yahoo group for the film under photos and files to see how we used art within that film. will give all interested artists po box to send work to(preferrably jpegs on a floppy, the music on cd or mp3s and will need a brief bio). thanks alfred pink and blue films, llc