Saturday, September 04, 2010

UnTwelve announces its 2nd annual composition competition

We are delighted to offer yet again a unique opportunity for composers and for the budding field of new tunings, temperaments, and microtonality! We are looking for NEW works in any medium (do not send us things which were sitting on your shelf, or things you have already released in any manner---the idea is that this competition spurs you creativity NOW) which reflect the potential of using tunings/temperaments other than 12-equal.

First prize is $400.00 (USD). We will also recognize 2nd and 3rd place finalists, but these prizes will carry no cash award. There will be a "dark concert" presentation in January (date TBA) in Evanston, IL of the highest-rated hour of music from the submissions. In addition, your music will be promoted from our website in the form of artist interviews of the top 3 finalists, and a downloadable audio tracks consisting of the finalist's pieces. All contestants who enter will at the very least have a mention of their participation, which can include, should they choose, a link to their music or site from

Work and online application data must be presented to us by the deadline of Dec. 15th, 2010