Monday, February 10, 2003

AETHER FEST #1: Festival of International Radio Art

June 1-29, 2003 at KUNM fm ^?Albuquerque, New Mexico USA Presented by KUNM, Nonsequitur, and Harwood Arts Center Artists and producers of all ages, nationalities and disciplines are invited to submit recorded works of experimental radio art (and visual art on the theme of radio) for possible inclusion in this juried broadcast festival/gallery exhibit. We seek work that challenges what radio is and does and explores what it might be and could do. ^?adio Art^?is here defined as a work made specifically for radio broadcast, with the intention of expanding the creative and aesthetic possibilities of the medium. Such works may or may not employ elements of other established genres such as radio theater, spoken word, performance art, h?iel, text-sound or sound poetry, electroacoustic music, soundscapes, documentary, talk show, etc. They might be ^?bout^?radio, subverting or exploiting the conventions and expectations of the medium; or, they might make use of the radio apparatus itself as instrument or content. Aether Fest will be broadcast on radio station KUNM 89.9 FM, located at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (also webcast at Primary broadcast hours will be each Sunday night from 8:30 -11:30 during the month of June, 2003, with the possibility of adding other hours throughout the month. There will also be a concurrent exhibit of visual art related to the theme of radio (broadcasting, transmission, aether, communication, airwaves, disembodied voices, etc.) held throughout the month of June at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque; this will be juried by the HAC^? Visual Arts Committee. Artists may submit both audio and visual work, and are encouraged to do so if they work in both media.
Cash awards of $300 US will be given to each of three outstanding audio works selected by the jury.
Submission Guidelines
^?There are three general categories for submissions:
  1. recent work (made since 1998)
  2. older work (made before 1998)
  3. shorts (complete, unedited pieces of 5 minutes or less)
We are most interested in recent work, but will of course consider works created at any time (recorded works which have been released commercially are ok, too). ^?You may submit as many different works for consideration as you wish. Please specify if each work has been previously broadcast, or if this would be a premier. ^?The content of all works submitted must be completely original; straight adaptations of published texts or works which use previously released recordings of music or sound by other artists as a ^?oundtrack^?will not be accepted. (allowances will be made for creative use of sampling; if you have questions about this, contact us) ^?We prefer individual works that are 25 minutes or less, but longer works will be considered. (for long pieces, we suggest that you also include an edited version as an alternate choice) ^?CD, CD-R or DAT is preferred, but cassettes will also be accepted if the artist does not have access to digital recording media. ^?Send 3 copies of each work submitted (you may include more than one work per CD/tape; please use index points on CD or DAT, or clear silences separating pieces on cassette) ^?Please include biographical information, credits for all participants, and anything else you want us to know about the work (3 copies). It is a good idea to mention what qualifies the work as ^?adio art^?if that is not obvious. ^?For works in which text plays a major role, at least half of the text should be in English (we are flexible about this); however, works in other languages will be considered, especially if an understanding of the text is not crucial to the appreciation of the piece. Works without any spoken text are also acceptable. ^?Volunteers and Staff of KUNM may submit work to be considered for broadcast, but are not elligible to receive cash awards. ^?Sorry, we can not return your submitted materials. All recordings etc. received will be archived at KUNM and Nonsequitur.
^?We are seeking artwork (realist, abstract, conceptual, etc.) which somehow addresses the theme of radio. ^?Artists who are submitting audio work may also submit visual work. ^?You may submit as many different works for consideration as you wish. ^?Works may be two- or three-dimensional, in any media (sorry, no video). We will consider proposals for small-scale installations, but keep in mind that gallery space is limited. There is also a large space for sculpture outside, between the building and the street. ^?In the case of conceptual works which may or may not yet have been created, please send a clear written description of what you intend to do. If you have slides or photos of other relevant work, please include them. ^?Do not send original artwork! If your work is selected, we will contact you about shipping it. ^?Send clearly labeled slides or prints for each work you would like to submit for consideration. Include a separate sheet of paper with title, dimensions, materials, and year made for each work. Also include biographical information and a brief statement about the work. ^?If you wish to have your slides etc. returned, you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope. MATERIALS SUBMITTED WITHOUT SASE WILL NOT BE RETURNED! ^?There is no entry fee for this exhibit, however artists who are chosen to participate must pay for the cost of shipping their work to the gallery. The festival will pay for return shipping. ^?IMPORTANT NOTE: While the Harwood Art Center does not carry insurance for artwork, they do provide 24 hour video recording surveillance for the galleries as well as security patrols during off hours. Artists whose work is chosen will be asked to sign a release stating that the Harwood Art Center, Nonsequitur, and KUNM will not be held financially responsible for any damage or theft that may occur, either on the premises or in transit.
All audio and visual submissions must be received NO LATER THAN APRIL1, 2003. Send audio and visual submissions to: Aether Fest c/o Nonsequitur PO Box 344 Albuquerque, NM 87103 USA For more information, contact Steve Peters at Nonsequitur: tel/fax: 505-224-9483 e-mail: Information updates will also be posted at