Friday, February 07, 2003

Another call for scores

(this one might have an Esperanto angle)

Greetings from Singapore! ICMC2003 will take place in this Lion City from September 29 to October 4, 2003. The deadline for music and paper submissions is March 1, 2003.

While in the last century we had experienced the benefits of the narrowing of gaps in worldwide communication and the bringing together of world cultures, one of the unexpected results of the process was the creation of barriers. For some, the rapidly changing landscape presented too fast a change in well-established traditions and cultures, and they who live in these societies set up boundaries to stem the erosion of their way of life. Though there are valid reasons to believe so, it need not be the case, especially in music.

This year's conference theme, Boundaryless Music, celebrates music without barriers of cultures or genres, without the prejudices of the traditional or the contemporary perspective, without discrimination against the old or the young. We cannot totally remove all barriers, but we can make them more permeable to the flow of information, ideas, resources and energy. Celebrate an open and sharing environment, experiment with new processes and technologies, and cultivate new approaches to learning and teaching; all of which involve interconnected processes instead of isolated ideals. Boundaryless Music invites all to celebrate a common vision and an encompassing human spirit in music making.

Call for Music

ICMC 2003 invites music submissions of digital audio, interactive, multimedia and installation works for presentation in Singapore. Works related to the conference theme of Boundaryless Music are particularly encouraged, which might include multi-cultural interfaces, performance interfaces, spatial strategies or aesthetic approaches.

Performance forces include a piano/violin duo, chorus (SATB), and percussion ensemble as well as Chinese, Indian, and Gamelan ensembles.

Visit for more on the performance halls. The spaces available include the Theatre for afternoon concerts and the Hall for evening concerts. Installation works may reside in the foyers (2nd and 3rd floors).

Submission Formats Accepted

For Audio: CD, DVD, ADAT, DAT
Electronic submission of digital audio files (44.1 KHz 16bit format; aiff or wav) will be available. Please visit after January 26, 2003 for submission procedure.

For Audio/Video: VHS, SVHS, DVD

If the work is for instruments and digital audio, please include a score of the instrumental part, a recording of the electronics, and/or, a recording of a performance. For works involving live electronics, you may include documentation such as a software patch or description.

Music Papers: A music paper demonstration proposal about the ideas and techniques behind the composition may be submitted accompanying a music submission.

Send materials to:
ICMC2003 Music
Singapore Conservatory of Music
National University of Singapore
Blk ADM, Level 3
10 Kent Ridge Crescent

Call for Papers

ICMC 2003 invites paper, poster and demo submissions on artistic, musicological, scientific, educational and technological aspects of computer music. Submissions related to the conference theme, Boundaryless Music, are most welcomed. Also related to the conference theme is a special paper session titled, Education on Music and Technology, which welcomes contributions from all.

Electronic submission of papers will be available. Please visit after January 26, 2003 for submission procedure.

IMPORTANT: Please note that all submissions to this years conference should be photo-ready for publication. All papers should be submitted as postscript or pdf files. The names of authors should be reflected on the paper.

Send materials to:
ICMC2003 Papers
Singapore Conservatory of Music
National University of Singapore
Blk ADM, Level 3
10 Kent Ridge Crescent
Singapore 119260

Deadline (postmark) March 1, 2003
All materials MUST be received by March 7, 2003.

Website will be available at after January 26, 2003. Please send enquiries to