Wednesday, March 12, 2003

From: To: Bay Area New Music Discussion

Subject: [BA-NEWMUS:8772] Black Box: Needs some dates to fill for April

Hello! I need to get some dates filled for April and it seems like I'm halfway there in getting the month completed. I am looking for good acts, big bands, etc. to get some dates filled. I need the following dates filled: April 22nd (w/ Super Model Super Model) April 29th (Henry Kaiser/Danielle DeGruttola/Shoko Hikage Trio) There is also a possibility that Moe!kestra! may NOT be playing on April 8th and I may need somebody to replace that slot, but I'll know within a week to see how I feel by then. And ROVA is playing on the 15th and I haven't decided if I want to give them the full two sets or give another set to another act. So we'll see about that as well. Please email me off list (ON MY JUNO ACCOUNT!!!! NOT THIS AOL ONE!!!! Details below.) and let me know which date you prefer and any info I may need to know. Also, you may forward this message to anyone you may feel is interested in playing. One more note: I'll be booking again at the Black Box for one month in June and then again starting in September, If I'm still around by then. And there aren't many spaces out there so hop on it! Moe! Staiano 209-814-BLAH (2524)