Monday, March 17, 2003

Subject: [BA-NEWMUS:8879] ninth annual olympia festival of experimental musics: call for submissions

greetings bay folks. THE NINTH ANNUAL OLYMPIA FESTIVAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MUSICS will be held June 26 27 28 29 in beautiful historic downtown olympia, washington. the first three nights will be at "traditions" cafe (with a grand piano- some of you played it last year-) and the last night will be held at "heart and soul dance studio". i would like to set aside the fourth evening to accomadate collaborations between music and dance, as we have never done this before. a need-based travel stipend is available. nobody goes away empty handed. you will be treated well. if you are interested in attending and/or performing, please contact me by post or email. there is no "formal" submission process, and i am not interested in press packages. let me know what you want to do and tell me why your work would make an excellent contribution to a successful long running and extremely idiosyncratic music festival. preference will be given to anyone willing to attend all four days of the festival. those who want to pick up a check and drive to the next gig are encouraged to find gigs at one of the many excellent venues in the bay area. love, arrington de dionyso new phone: 360 786 1638 postal address: arrington de dionyso 120 State PMB 1490 Olympia, WA 98501