Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Call for Sounds Musicians and Sound Artists of all kinds are invited to contribute installations, improvisations and performances to an event to be held Saturday, May 3rd beginning at noon. This event will be a music circus in celebration of the closing of the 6th Annual Music for People and Thingamajigs festival, a yearly selection of tunings not traditionally western, made and found instruments, environments and people. The location of the music circus will be the intersection of Market and Castro streets and the surrounding hills (Twin Peaks, Buena Vista Park, and the hill with the Randall Museum on it) from which sound will be directed towards this intersection or difused throughout space. Action will begin at noon and can be as subtle or overt as the performers wish. Already planned are performances by Dylan Bolles, Edward Schocker, and Liz Albee. Jorge Boehringer will be installing his work Shelter on several hilltops, and other installations are planned by Kristin Miltner and others. To participate please send a description of your idea for performance or installation and your preferred location (so we can insure a wide distribution of activities). Of course, you can always just show up and play and that is alright too. In any case please contact sevencentralandmountain@ for more details. Topographic maps of the area are availiable at: and roadmaps of market and castro are widely availiable.