Friday, May 09, 2008

Call For Scores – Live Elevator Music

The association Levande Musik (Living/Live Music) is requesting submissions for soloist. Levande Musik is a non-profit organization in Gothenburg, Sweden, which arranges around 6-8 concerts a year with a focus on contemporary art music. Pieces must be miniature works with a duration of 30 seconds and intended to be performed in the spectacular outdoor elevator of Gothia Hotel (which offers a magnificent view over Gothenburg) at the Göteborg International Book Fair 25-28 September 2008. The fair is held at the Swedish Exhibition Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. With over 100,000 visitors this is the largest cultural event in the Nordic region.

10 to 12 works will be chosen for performance during three days. The elevator goes fairly straight from entry level to 23th floor, a ride that lasts for exactly 30 seconds. Each day a different musician will perform. All chosen works will be given an equal amount of performances according to a revolving schedule. Due to the small room, please do not use too strong dynamics - mezzoforte at the strongest.

Chosen composers will receive a recording of all performed works in three different versions, one for each instrument.

ELIGIBILITY: Composers of contemporary art music of any age or nationality are eligible. Each composer may submit a maximum of two (2) scores.

The work must not have been previously published or performed.

INSTRUMENTATION: Solo works. Every work must be performable on any of the available instruments; flute, clarinet and soprano saxophone (no doubles). Therefore, instrument specific techniques will not be possible to use, only techniques that are performable on all the instruments.

DEADLINE: August 1, 2008. Results will be announced September 1, 2008.

SUBMISSION INFORMATION: Please submit by email to:

Send score(s) as pdf files. Please include contact info, biography and a photo.

Any questions can be sent to the same email address.

Göteborg Book Fair 2008 :