Thursday, May 13, 2010

Call for audio/audiovisual works

The submission of audio or audiovisual pieces is invited for consideration at this exciting conference. The 2010 event aims to maintain and enhance the Sounding Out’s already impressive reputation as a major forum for discussion and interaction between practitioners, artists and academics working in the field of sound.

We are planning to base the conference on the overall theme of Soundworlds – Sonic Arts, Film and Radio and are willing to include audio or audiovisual works relating to the theme of the conference.

The works will be played continuously in a dedicated space, The Atrium Gallery, before, during and after the conference. The gallery will be equipped to accommodate multi-channel pieces (up to eight channels) as well as video projection.

Submit your works

Please send your submission along with a one-page description (including technical requirements) to:

Dr Alain Renaud
Bournemouth University
Talbot Campus
BH12 5BB

Alternatively you may submit your works online by sending an email by 1 June, 2010 to Alexandra Peirce along with your one page description (including technical requirements) and a link to the contents of your work.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bournemouth in September