Monday, January 15, 2007

Classical Marimba League 2007 Composition Competition

2007 Composition Competition


Classical Marimba League

2007 Composition Competition

'A Renaissance of Tonality'


Submission deadline:  March 10th 2007

Awards include:  Sheet Music Publication,

World Première Performances & Live Recordings


The 2007 competition is open to five (5) Style categories with required Instrumentations:


                                                 Style                                                                           Instrumentation


                                                 Baroque                                                                      Marimba Duo

                                                 Classical                                                                      Marimba & String Quartet

                                                 Romantic                                                                    Preludes for Solo Marimba

                                                 Impressionism                                                         Marimba & Piano

                                                 Tonal Contemporary                                             Marimba & Chorus


Competition Application



Each year, up to 5 winners will have their work performed and recorded live by one of the participating music conservatories.  These winners will also have their work published by C. Alan Publications. 



Winning compositions will be performed live the following season at one of the participating Music Conservatories.



The work must be an original unpublished composition with no prior public performances.  Composition entries that have received a public performance will not be accepted and/or will be disqualified. 



Scores and application materials must be received on or before March 10, 2007.  Results will be announced on April 10, 2007.



Duration, difficulty, instrument range and other boundaries within the style selection are up to the composer's discretion.



1) Two hard copies of the full score

2) E-mail of Sibelius or Finale sheet music file, if available, is encouraged for publication review

3) Application fee of $35 U.S. per piece made payable to Classical Marimba League

Candidate may submit up to one work per category (no more than 5 works)



Materials are to be mailed to:


Classical Marimba League

6956 E. Broad St., #255

Columbus, Ohio  43215


Additional materials are to be

e-mailed to: